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The Quest for a Moral Compass: A Global History of Ethics 2 Apr 2015

by Kenan Malik


5.0 out of 5 stars The definition for morality it seems is pretty much work in progress and it seems it is …’

A very frustrating yet satisfying read. As soon as I got excited thinking that now maybe now I had understood the nature of morality, the author promptly presented caveats in the definition, leaving me high and dry. The definition for morality it seems is pretty much work in progress and it seems it is destined to remain so, with so many great minds failing to nail it across thousands of years.

Kenan does do a very commendable job explaining the difficult philosophical concepts with stories and analogies which made the book very readable indeed. Not only is this book a great read for any student of philosophy but also for all fans of the subject.

Ethics: The Fundamentals (Fundamentals of Philosophy) Paperback – 18 Aug 2006

by Julia Driver (Author)


’Perfect as an introductory read to Ethics’

Perfect as an introductory read to Ethics. Not sufficient in its own right to understand all one would need to know for, say, undergrad-level Ethics, but then, no philosophical work is sufficient in its own right like that. Obviously, it is heavily influenced by Driver’s own ideas, so probably worth bearing in mind where Driver is coming from to really understand what is being said.

The Nicomachean Ethics n/e (Oxford World’s Classics) Paperback – 11 Jun 2009

by Aristotle (Author), Lesley Brown (Editor), David Ross (Translator)


‘Written by one of the great minds of the ancient Greek world’

Written by one of the great minds of the ancient Greek world, and still relevant to this day, fantastic book.

The Ethics of Ambiguity Paperback – 8 May 2018

by Simone De Beauvoir (Author)


‘Ethic living amid the constraints of de-construction and dissipation.’

de Beauvoir’s investigation of the space of freedom vs structure provides an insight into the need for structure in order for freedom to exist. She provides a contrast between the ontological freedom given at our birth and the moral freedom we action through choice and goes on to contrast choice against decision and action. In all of these contrasts de Beauvoir works through the paradoxical nature of human existence and offers a way to a moral freedom which accepts ambiguity as a necessary structure of human existence, thus providing a further contrast between the deconstructive science we need for the natural sciences and the structured freedom of ambiguity which supports human existence.

Important book which does not get the credit it deserves.

Love Beyond Time: A love inspired historical guide for Inspiration, peace, love, and healing code Kindle Edition

by Hannah Raybans (Author), Tara Raybans (Author)


‘Inspirational Research’

There was a lot more depth to this book than I had originally imagined. When I read the book description I realized that a lot of work had been put into research.

I was not disappointed. The authors Hannah and Tara Raybans certainly have read up on their subject and delivered a work that is truly inspirational.

Although I feel that love is certainly the cornerstone of life at many depths, the use of examples from visionaries as well known as Mahatma Ghandi, through to the likes of Mother Teresa and John Lennon reconfirms just how important love, respect and a moralistic attitude to life is what makes a successful life.

This is a book that will help with spiritual growth and inspire a person to look at their inner self and set goals that they can aspire to. Worth reading if you are seeking personal growth or feeling lost with your own peace of mind.

Future Ethics Paperback – 25 Sep 2018

by Cennydd Bowles (Author)


‘5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic read! You will be a better designer for having read this book :)’

Outstanding read and really gets you to think about your own ethics and how you could make this into a shared framework within your work, products, and company.

Thinking about ethics and working out ways to apply them with your teams will definitely push the tech industry in a better direction.


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