Module 9 – Our Ethics Outline for Conquering Life Academy Coach Training

Ethics Module Outline for Conquering Life Academy Coach Training


To obtain ample understanding in the area of ethics, specifically with regards to: overview of ethics; definitions of ethics; meta-ethics; normative ethics; virtue ethics, stoicism; contemporary virtue ethics; intuitive ethics; hedonism; cyrenaic hedonism; epicureanism; state consequentialism; consequentialism/teleology; utilitarianism; deontology; pragmatic ethics; discourse ethics; ethics of care; role ethics; anarchist ethics; postmodern ethics; applied ethics; particular fields of application: bioethics, business ethics, machine ethics, military ethics, political ethics, public sector ethics, relational ethics, animal ethics, moral psychology, evolutionary ethics, descriptive ethics and Conquering Life Ninja Club coaching ethics


1. 1. 1. Gain an in-depth comprehension of ethics and the relevant research


1. Computer

2. Head/earphones



Write a 2,000 word essay on your understanding of the topic of ethics (referencing is welcome but not obligatory)

Choose a book to read from the list provided on ethics and provide a 1,000 word review, in your own words

Using what you are learning/have learned in the module, observe your immediate environment – friends, family, colleagues etc., to see whether you can recognise the concepts within this module, to further your grasp of the topic