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Defining You: How to profile yourself and unlock your full potential Kindle Edition

by Fiona Murden (Author)


A career (and life) enhancing book, highly recommended

I love this book. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a workshop with Fiona so can attest to how passionate she is about helping people – and this book proves it, as it’s chock-full of incredibly well thought-out advice, guided questionnaires, anecdotes, and tools. It’s both a book to reflect upon, and a book that demands action. Fiona’s book tagline is “how to profile yourself and unlock your full potential” – and while I feel I’m just starting on this ‘journey’ I’m already seeing positive results, so I feel the book delivers on its promises.

Huge depth of knowledge in an accessible, engaging book. Thank you!

As a busy professional with an interest in psychology, I found this book struck the right balance between accessible and insightful — deep enough to be engaged but not so overwhelming that I cannot read on the move (as opposed to the many books that I have in a pile tagged for ‘serious reading sessions’ that never occur).

Fiona’s wealth of experience comes out through the book. I also really appreciate the personal anecdotes. Even though the book is designed for self-reflection, it creates an intimacy that assists me to unlock deeper reflection of myself.

The Coaching Manual: The Definitive Guide to The Process, Principles and Skills of Personal Coaching (4th Edition) Paperback – 20 Jan 2016

by Julie Starr (Author)


Buy it if you work with people

A perfect handbook. I’m not a coach but very interested in coaching and it’s easy to read and understand. A perfect handbook for beginners,not just coaches but even those who want to improve listening skills including managers,leaders, sales people, counsellors-anyobecwho works with people

A must read!

I am currently completing my ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring qualification and this book has been incredibly useful. It has explained coaching in a way that I fully understand. If you are someone just getting in to coaching or someone who leads teams or a manager this book will benefit you. It is all about helping you get the best out of other people and I would advise anyone to read.

Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills Paperback – 24 Apr 2008

by Tony Stoltzfus (Author)


‘Very very helpful’

Excellent book. I use coaching skills in my everyday business life (although I’m not fomally trained as a coach) and I wanted to get a better understanding of how coaching works and a framework to get the best results. I’ve found it very, very helpful.

Excellent book. Very professional

Excellent book. Very professional, balanced, all-encompassing, no-nonsense approach. There’s value in every sentence and every page. I almost never write book reviews but this one deserves a big Thank You.

Coaching for Performance: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership FULLY REVISED 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Paperback – 7 Sep 2017

by Sir John Whitmore (Author)


Absolutely inspiring and illuminating!

It is a great tool to improve quality at work but also in life, a great help for whom looking for a proper development of skills as a leader. Highly highly highly recommended for all the managers of teams and companies, to untap the real potential of employees.

A good read for aspiring leaders and coaches

Overall a good read with some excellent cultural development coaching ideas. The early part of the book was more productive than the latter for me, but didn’t detract from its overall impact. Worth the money.

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