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I’m a Parent Get Me Out of Here Before I Kill My Teenager Paperback – 27 Oct 2012

by Darren Curtis (Author)


‘Thank you!’

I just love this book. Darren Curtis has captured the true essence of being a parent, especially to teenagers. As a father to 4 boys (now past their teens) I still found ideas to use. And shared them with my boys so they too can help their children be who they can be. The John Lennon quote on page 2 – sets everything up perfectly and resonates with anyone who’s had challenges with authority figures. Thank you.

‘An excellent read’

I thought Darren’s book was easy to read, filled with lots of practical advice on dealing with young people. I found the book helpful in understanding my own approach to young people so was able to modify this accordingly. I have recommended this book to a friend of mine who has also found it really helpful in dealing with her teenage daughter. Well done Darren

How to Talk so Children Will Listen & Learn: How to Communicate with your Child to Build a Trustworthy Relationship, Engage Cooperation, Set Limits, and Prevent Conflicts Kindle Edition

by Samantha Kimell (Author)


‘Nice read to have the understanding about communication with children’

Being a parent is the most important moment of a person life, and this is the time when a person decides how our next generation will be. The author has explained the parenthood nice and descriptive way inside the book which has included proven steps and strategies about communicating with children so that they can understand you properly and learn effectively. All the pictures and illustrations i have found inside the book is relaxing to watch.

‘One of a KIND!’

Kids now a days wants to do what ever they want and what ever they feel with this book you will learn how to teach your children to listen and follow instructions. You will be able to get your children’s full trust and allow you to know how they feel.

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk Paperback – 5 Dec 2012

by Adele Faber (Author), Elaine Mazlish (Author)


‘Book changed my life’

I read this book and it opened my eyes. It was actually quite stressful to read it as it really shone a light on how I had been behaving my whole life until that point. To be honest, it’s changed my relationship with my husband more than anything else. He has learnt by osmosis from me and our daughter is now the happiest calmest child, I just would never have thought that two years ago. Really basic but useful, practical real life examples. I wish everyone knew about it, it makes life so much easier in the long run (but be warned there is a period of horrified introspection you might go through when you realise your responses to date might not have been very helpful).

‘I loved this book’

This book contains ideas and examples about managing difficult situations with children in a way that respects them as an individual and encourages them to discuss their thoughts as well as encouraging them to find their own solutions to problems. It is all about including a child in decision making and encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and their words. Well worth a read.

Principles of Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children (Norton Professional Books (Hardcover)) Hardcover – 17 Apr 2009

by Daniel Hughes (Author)


‘Fabulous book’

I am a fan of Dan Hughes and his approach to working with children and young people, so I was eager to read this book. I found it to be excellent, and would recommend it to anyone working with children or parenting children, particularly helpful for working with children who haven’t had the best start in life/have lived through difficult situations at home/fostered/adopted.

‘Great read’

I work as clinical social worker with foster parents. Although the example conversations are a little ‘American’ they are really helpful for encouraging empathetic responses – a ‘how to’ guide to an attachment-focus approach. The book has a nice pace, is broad but focuses on topics succinctly. I highly recommend to parents (of all kinds) and social workers.

Parenting Teens: Learn How Parenting Teenagers and Young Adults Can Be Simple and Positive and Why You Should Tackle Subjects Surrounding Love, Growth, Sex, Violence and Logic Paperback – 20 Oct 2018

by Lisa Jane Chapman (Author)


‘Our go-to parenting book for our strong willed teen’

Has been very helpful with addressing issues with my 15 son who until I read this book I had not realized his skill at getting what he wanted through manipulation- he is a good kid but my reactions have taught him all wrong- this is helping me help him grow into a young man & hopefully the best he can become. I am coupling this with counseling for myself & mentors of others. I am a believer that change starts in us.

‘Helpful book’

It is a decent book. I cherish it without a doubt. The stylus of this book is simple and fascinating. I wish it turn out to be exceptionally prominent and celebrated. Exceptional on account of its author. Everything written in this book bodes well, unquestionably a decent read! I suggest this book and would peruse more books from this writer.

Teenagers Translated: A Parent’s Survival Guide – Fully Updated September 2018 Paperback – 8 May 2014

by Janey Downshire (Author), Naella Grew (Author)


‘This book opened my eyes’

I wish I had read this book earlier. My son is still only 12 but he is standing on the brink of a world that is so dramatically different from the one that awaited me at that age… I need all the help I can get. I need to be prepared. It isn’t enough to cross my fingers and hope it will all be ok.

This book might not give all the answers but it has certainly opened my eyes to what it might be like to be a teenager TODAY. It has helped me to start thinking about what style of parenting is going to be most effective for my particular teenager.

I sense that it is already helping me to become a stronger, kinder, more confident, and frankly happier parent than I might otherwise have been.

I totally recommend it.

‘Important insight into teen building blocks and point of view’

This isn’t a book giving opinions on what works best but is based on recent findings into the differences of how the brain develops. Great nuggets, has made a real difference to my understanding of my teens and made for a much more patient household. Should be part of every parents reading when they start Junior school.

How To Communicate More Effectively Paperback – 25 Jul 2018

by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks (Author)


‘A fantastic book’

Wow! Just been dipping into Dr. Kate “How To Communicate More Effectively”. It’s punchy, on point, is written in a way that will inspire and motivate even the most shy commuicator to speak more effectively with positive results. This is most definitely a must-have-book to buy. I’m glad I bought it and I thoroughly recommend Dr. Kate’s book to anyone wishing to improve their communication.

Best value for money if you want to communicate more effectively

In the past six months, I have bought 36 books and I normally don’t write a review only now and then a really useful book crosses my path and I feel compelled to let other avid readers know about it How to Communicate more Effectively is by far is the best value that money can buy. It’s clear concise,informative. and practical. The best bits are the Activities and Reflection tasks that enhance the learning that the book provides through pragmatic doing which stimulates the multidisciplinary content so that it has nurtured my communication skills so that I, almost immediately began to communicate more effectively. Fantastic read great value if you really want to improve your communication skills go buy it.

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