Part 1: Our Theory and Concept – Reminder Windows of Perception

Part 1: Our Theory and Concept – Reminder

Our Theory and Concept – Reminder

We at ‘Conquering Life’, based on all the studies and research in the field of human psychology to date, firmly believe that an individual is capable of achieving great heights and ambitions in life, if that individual can succeed in attaining:

  • Clarity of perspective
  • A compassionate and empathetic self concept/perspective/image
  • A healthy sense of power and control
  • Resilience
  • Psychological self-awareness

Furthermore, we have created a unique technique that enables any individual to attain the above and instill them within themselves, eventually becoming habitual, with repetition, and in time.

This technique is called: the ‘Windows of Perception Processing Technique’.

Before delving into this technique, let us begin by understanding the concept itself: ‘Windows of Perception’.

Windows of Perception

OUR room:

Most of us see the world and life in relation to ourselves as though we are all born into this world, this room, without a door.

After all, we did not use a door to enter this room/our world, we just appeared here, and without a say.

One minute we weren’t there and the next, poof! Just like the big bang…

But there seems to be a hole in the wall, a great big gaping hole, one through which very little can be foreseen…

We experience life flowing in through this hole, from the outside world into our room/our world.

Life pours in, no, it rushes in!

Like a flood of raging water, a tsunami!!

Carrying in all kinds of debris of all shapes and sizes.

The debris hitting us with different impacts, the flow of life flooding in and leaving us gasping for air at times with our heads barely above the surface…

A pretty gloomy picture, don’t you think?

And sadly, a large extent of the population are walking around with that image in their minds, feeling overwhelmed, out of depth, constantly battling a never-ending barrage of whatever life throws at them…VICTIMS!

We, however, would like to offer a different, but more factual reality, and that is that there isn’t a gaping hole in the wall that life is flooding in through.

Rather, it feels this way because it has always been the way we have seen things and we have never questioned it.

The fact is that there are two windows in the room, two entrances from the outside world/universe, into our world:

  • 1. External and negative window
  • 2. Internal and positive window

And that life flows by on the outside of these windows, like a stream that carries with it debris.

These debris are nothing but facts, everyday occurring facts of life, and although they do come in different shapes and sizes, they cannot enter our room/world by themselves and they can only be dragged in by us.

And we can either bring them in through the internal and positive window, or the external and negative window…WE have the choice!

External and Negative Window

If we choose to translate a fact of life in a negative way, then we are bringing it into our world through the external and negative window .

And now, that simple and plain fact of life begins to take shape, colour, taste, get sharp edges and become horrible and nasty as it crosses the threshold of our window into our world.

That fact, or any fact for that matter, that has been brought in through this window, will begin to impact us and as it suggests above the window, the impact will be relative.

It will overpower us, overwhelm and shrink us.

No matter what we bring in through this window, we will pay a price…

Internal and Positive Window


And the very same applies to our other window: the internal and positive window.

Once again, if we choose (and don’t forget only WE can choose) to bring any fact in through this window by translating it in an internal and positive way, then the moment it crosses the threshold and into our world/room it can only impact us in a positive and reinforcing way.

It will make us feel better, happier, stronger, more empowered and yearning to enjoy more and more of what life has to offer.

This is the window through which we can be the best at whatever we put our hearts and mind to, and create the quality of life we can imagine…


To be firmly grounded on a solid psychological foundation, to learn to know, to understand, to love and value oneself, to be able to judge, translate and define any fact, event or experience in life in a positive and internal way, is the best facility an individual can attain in preparation for life.

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