Locus of Control Recommended Books to Read

Recommended books on locus of control:

Teach Internal Locus of Control: A Positive Psychology App, by Russ Hill – Jul 5, 2011

‘Wow life changing info, needs better marketing and perhaps better suited for self improvement audience’

This book can be truly life changing, especially if you are on the external end of the control spectrum. The only downside to this book is that it does not sell itself very well. I think more people should hear and understand the message of this book and the author seems to be too humble to really market himself and the concepts in the beginning of the book. Also the title might be better because most people probably don’t know what internal locus of control is, and people are naturally drawn to what they are familiar with. Anyway ill stop trying to pretend I know anything about marketing. It is my hope that you read this book for yourself and really try to understand the concepts, how the author says to apply them, and also experiment with your own methods of application.

‘Internals are inner directed’

First of all, don’t be put off by the very technical sounding title which uses the uncommon word “locus.” The more commonly used word would be “location.” Additionally, when we think of teaching we usually think of teaching other people, but this is also a great book for teaching oneself. I had always thought of myself as an “internal” and this book helped me to validate that opinion of myself, refine my understanding, and add even deeper insights.

I first became aware of the concept of inner control way back in the early 50s. I was in college majoring in sociology. I read “The Lonely Crowd” by David Riesman. This book, first published in 1950, became a major classic in the field of sociology. It analyzed social character in terms of tradition directed, other directed, and inner directed types. I made up my mind at that time that my preference was to be one of the inner directed types, the type that Russ Hill describes as having an internal locus of control.

This is a very “hands on” kind of book which spells out in very clear terms, and with great illustrations, how you can do it, how you can become or teach to that inner directed type of person, a person with an internal locus (location) of control.


Locus of Control in Personality, by E. Jerry Phares – Jul, 1976

4.67/5- goodreads, reviews to be added

Locus of Control: Current Trends in Theory & Research, by H. M. Lefcourt – Aug 3, 1982

4/5 – goodreads, reviews to be added


Health Locus of Control, Compliance Behaviour and Depression, a Paperback edition by Feroz Iram – Feb 12, 2014

4.7/5 – goodreads, reviews to be added


Control And The Psychology Of Health: Theory, Measurement and Applications (Health Psychology), by Jan Walker – Jan 10, 2001

This book is intended to offer a comprehensive review of concepts that are central to our understanding of the psychology of health, including perceived control, locus of control, learned helplessness, self-efficacy and social support. It aims to reduce the confusions that result from common variations in interpretation and usage. It will be an important resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in terms of control theory and concept measurement. It is likely to be of particular use to those planning to use control-related concepts in health research.


Choice or Chance: Understanding Your Locus of Control and Why It Matters Paperback – May 17, 2016 by Stephen Nowicki

‘Great introduction to a crucial subject’

Dr. Nowicki wears his learning lightly. This expert study by one of the foremost researchers in the area of “locus of control” poses a fundamental human question: do we see ourselves as generally shaping our lives or shaped by random events and what difference does it make? Nowicki navigates and evaluates decades of psychological research and gives us general readers a masterful and engaging survey of the landscape of personal motivation. This succinct, lucid, and graceful book has much to offer parents, teachers, business managers, and anyone interested in the importance of an “internal” locus of control among citizens of democratic societies.

‘Scientific and useful description about LOC’

This book introduces every aspects of LOC and analyzes the biological, psychological reason behind. You don’t need to be a psychologist to fully understand this book. Really worth reading.

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