To be Positive

Be positive, seems to be the message everywhere we look lately – positive thinking is something we all regularly encourage. But is pretending to be happy all of the time the answer? Would it not then become a chore to be positive if it feels fake?

Our emotions are something to be felt and it’s no use pretending that we aren’t feeling sadness or anger or whatever it may be.

At Conquering Life, we believe that positive thinking doesn’t have to be a chore or fake, even if it might feel like it at the beginning because we’re so conditioned to believe that we should never be content, it’s an automatic way of thinking that you can train yourself to do.

To be positive is not about pretending that the world is all sugar and spice, and that you eat rainbows for breakfast, it’s about altering your perspective to see the positive rather than fixating upon the negative. We find what we look for, the more positively we look at the things the more positive we’ll see and vice versa.

It really is a tragic thing to see, people, so many people, convinced that anxiety, insecurity, negativity, etc.… are just part of the human condition. Just things that we should live with. While processing and feeling our emotions is important, we are here to say, that life isn’t about constantly coping! Negativity is so often a defense mechanism that we hide behind so that we never put ourselves out there and thereby protect ourselves.

It’s easy to sit from behind that negativity shield and laugh at the ‘idiotic’ simplicity of positive thinking, believing that there’s no way that changing your life could be that easy. And maybe it isn’t always easy, it’s a journey, but the way is simple enough. We get to choose. It may seem easier to dismiss, and to stick to the cynical view that humans are meant to suffer, but in the long run, it just makes for a long and hard path.

To be positive is really just a re-adjustment to our lenses. Our reality is filtered through all of these society instilled and self-created beliefs about ourselves, so if our lenses are negative then that’s all we’ll ever get to see. You don’t have to see positive thinking or happiness as a chore, it is just something you start doing instead of always doing the reverse. Instead of thinking: I’m such an idiot I can’t even get this right, you could be thinking: I worked really hard and did my best and that’s all that I can ask of myself. Positive thinking is just a gently re-adjusting your own view of yourself.


At Conquering Life, we urge us all to try to notice how much negativity runs amuck in our minds, negativity mainly geared against ourselves. At Conquering Life, we teach how to gain better perspective, and the ability to look at oneself and the world more positively. To be positive, positive thinking isn’t a luxury, it’s something we all deserve and we can all have. So if you want to stop living with dark shades on, take them off and look for a replacement pair! It’s time to feel the sunshine and Conquer Life!


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