Pursuing ‘there’

There is always a ‘there’ – that something we’re trying to reach, accomplish or achieve. It’s often what we fixate upon and what dominates our thoughts, feelings and dreams. Without fail though, there is always another ‘there’ once we get there. Think about it, what’s your ‘there’ right now? Getting that job? Moving to that country? Being accepted into that course? Is it the same there as last month, last year or even five years ago? Probably not and the chances are, your current there will only be a memory soon.

So, if it’s so fleeting why is it so important to us? The truth is, there will always be something to worry about, something that needs doing and something you’re striving for, but rather than letting that bog you down, let it release you. Let me explain, if there will always be a there then why not relax? You’ve survived everything else you’ve ever done in your life and I know that because you’re here to read this blog. Worrying and fixating won’t change anything because all we can ever do is our best – worrying doesn’t help us to feel our best but rather it makes us question ourselves.

We know that what we’ve got on our minds now won’t always be on our minds – it might not even be the same thing on our minds next month or perhaps next year. It’s never just one thing or even just big things but a combination of small and big that occupy our minds and lives.

Conquering Life means knowing that our ‘there’s only have as much power as we give them because in the grand scheme of things we can only control our own actions and reactions. we can push ourselves to work hard and to do our best but we cannot worry the world into submission. So maybe we get rejected from a university, or our plans don’t work out the way we expected them to – which is generally true with even the best laid plans.

Or maybe we will get accepted and we’ll have to prepare ourselves for that reality. Either way, either thing will bring another there, another thing or place we have to get to. But by pausing and realizing that life will keep pushing forward no matter what, whether we reach this ‘there’ or not, we can take a deep breath and realize that our theres don’t get to define our lives – we do.

Our goals are not our lives, our lives are our lives and we want to enjoy the journey.

Conquering Life isn’t about learning how to get to that perfect life, it’s about showing you the life and power you have in your hands RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait for those perfect ‘theres’ or life will pass you by as you go from one there to another. Conquering Life means appreciating where you are, working towards your next step but never letting your ‘theres’ define who you are or the quality of your life.

Conquer Life and define your life, your way.


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