The Art of Conquering Life: doable psychology for all

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Paperback : 486 pages
ISBN : 978-1-8380615-2-4
Dimensions : 21.00 x 2.70 x 21.00 cm
Publisher : Independently published (1 July 2020)
Language: : English

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“The aim of this book/manual is to help the reader to simply begin to understand him or herself, to take a good look at the resulting fruits – the quality of life that she or he experiences, and to decide with clarity, whether that is the person they have thought to be or intend to be.

To take control and be in charge.

Once fully aware of all the psychological mechanisms at play, the reader is equipped with necessary skills, techniques, and strategies to help effectively rewrite established neural pathways, create new thinking patterns, and auto response modes.

This simply means that the reader is then able and capable of making any changes that they wish in the way that they see the world and themselves, and how any event or experience in life impacts them.

Making sense of the story of our past experiences and of who we are today, enables us to develop a clear sense of direction in life and how to get there with a new sense of resilience and motivation.

Included in the book there are just under 300 pages of daily exercises scientifically proven to help build confidence and self-esteem for almost any age.”

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  1. D Nadj

    Fantastic book by a great author! Great book! Very insightful and full of wisdom

  2. darren hatton

    I think the general population is still in much darkness, when it comes to the science of the mind. This book goes a long way in shedding some essential light on the matter. It’s both fascinating and encouraging to learn of the reasons that we see, think, feel, experience, and behave the way we do in life.Absolutely love the ‘windows of perception’! A very empowering and liberating tool!This is no ordinary self-help book. It is a psychological training manual that gives you the right tools and skills to be free to be YOU.I highly recommend!

  3. Amazon Customer

    For a while now, I’d been walking around feeling quite lost with the world, always looking at the negatives. But always a deep longing to be happy, to feel confident, to just find my spark back. I always knew that psychology had something to do with it and this book caught my eye.Well, I was not wrong! Going through the book (hard to put down), at first, It was a realization as to how unhappy I had been for so long. Then came the understanding – the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’. I got to know why I felt the way I did. I got to actually see myself for the first time! Truly see myself, the full makeup, without filters… and with learning came power. This book helped me understand how to find the positives in life. It made me see how important it is to pay attention to my thinking process. I am very happy to be on my way now and confident that I can achieve what I want and conquer life. ;-)))Thanks a million, ‘Conquering Life Academy’.xxx

  4. Joshua

    I’ve always been fascinated with psychology but a little intimidated by the complexity of the subject.This book made light work of much of the goings on, in the mind for me. The subtitle; doable psychology for all, is quite apt.The psychological concepts and the mental mechanisms at play are defined in an easy to understand manner, and I like the use of visual representations.I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels a lack of clarity or direction, and also challenge anyone who suffers from absolute certainty, or feeling that they have total clarity of perspective on all things in life, to put it to the test here ;)I certainly had a few ‘aha’ moments…

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