Life Skills for Adolescents


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How often do we as parents wonder if we have taught our teenagers enough, to keep them safe when we are not around?
How often do we wish that we could constantly be there to protect them from the unknown and unexpected circumstances in life?
Wouldn’t it be great if they could carry our advice in their heads wherever they go?
The reality is that they are on their own when we aren’t there and we won’t be there all the time or forever…

Well, here are 52 areas where some sound advice comes very handy for your teenager, when you’re not around to protect them.

52 cards depicting critical scenarios where your teenager would greatly benefit from sound advice and direction, out there in the world…

Give a teenager you love the gift of:

Awareness Self-insight, Moral compass Self-acceptance Direction Self-esteem *Integrity
Healthy mind Support *Confidence… NOW!


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A psychological and emotional training academy designed to equip children with all the necessary self insights and vital life skills to navigate through adolescence and grow into competent, well grounded and well adjusted thriving young adults.

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