Conquering Adolescence: for Parents

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Paperback : 244 pages
ISBN : 978-1-8380615-0-0
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Publisher : Independently published (1 Jan. 2018)
Language: : English

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“Conquering Adolescence” Is a book simply designed to help parents in navigating through the sometimes difficult and turbulent path of adolescence.

It aims to equip the reader with ample knowledge and clarity on, our fundamental psychological foundation and building blocks, and various psychological mechanisms at play at any given time throughout all communication and interactions.

The book details different parenting styles and their relevant impact/affects on both parents and adolescents and through various illustrations, it demonstrates the true power of emotionally intelligent, and effective communication.

The reader is then equipped with various effective parenting and communication skills, as well as a two weeks, daily exercise journal to help increase confidence and self-esteem.

In the first chapter, we begin by understanding what under parenting is, should we treat our children as adults?, is choice always good?, does decreasing academic pressure mean ‘no effort’?, is just wanting your child to be happy doing them an injustice? what over parenting is, research around over parenting, the implications and, examples of over parenting and the importance of having our needs questioned, understood and met by ourselves and other adults rather than our children.

In the second chapter, we take a look at how we arrive in the world as ‘blank notebooks’, how we create beliefs, how the beliefs that we hold about us have the biggest impact on every aspect of our lives by far, what our psychological foundations are composed of and how it is formed, why the loving and caring childhood a lot of us assume we had does not necessarily produce a nurturing environment for growth, resilience and independence in a child, how we have the inbuilt capacity to change our foundation and the importance of accepting ourselves.

In chapter three, we learn all about self-esteem, what self-esteem/self-image is, characteristics of people with high self-esteem vs low self-esteem, as well as a full testing of self-esteem with the Rosenberg self-esteem/self-acceptance scale.

Chapter four, covers all aspects of Locus of control/Our sense of power, what locus of control/sense of power is, internal vs external locus of control, attributes commonly found in internal people vs external people, as well as a full testing of locus of control, and learn the importance of accompanying an internal locus of control with solid self-esteem.

In chapter five, we introduce you to our “Windows of Perception” and “Windows of Perception Processing Technique”. This is where you are taught a technique that enables you to meet the ten core principles demanded by your brain to rewire your neural pathways. This gives you the ability to create a shift in any and every negative and unhelpful thought, emotion, perspective, belief, and behaviour.

Chapter six, discusses the basic realities that apply to us all as parents, how our needs to feel cared for, supported and respected as parents and teenagers are equally essential, why adolescence is a difficult period and the psychological impact it can have on us as parents, what the confusion can lead to and the impact this has on our relationship, what effective parenting does in order to meet this child’s basic needs, facilitate growth, resilience and foster autonomy, what communication is, types of communication, the importance of communication, what good vs bad communication leads to, how listening is the greatest communication tool and how to listen to your children effectively, illustrations to put these and further skills to use and tips to add to your effective parenting toolbox.

Finally, you are provided with specific daily tabled exercises for 2 weeks, where you are required to input data regularly.

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  1. Sudi Vali dadash

    I purchased ‘The Art of Conquering Life’ from the same author on a recommendation, and I found it very eye opening and empowering, so, when I came across this book for parents, I didn’t hesitate to grab a copy.I’ve just fallen in love with this book. I don’t think I have ever got more out of a book in my entire life!As a loving parent like most of us, there I was plodding along, doing all that I thought best for my children and hoping for the best (not to mention, with much worry, fear, guilt…).This book has opened my eyes to so much! I now know that I never really understood my teenager, never really heard or even saw her!Instead, I was just re-running episodes of the sort of stuff I got when I was being parented – ust following and repeating the cycle.Understanding the different parenting styles and how they impact a young growing child was uncomfortably insightful.The illustrations and all the different real life scenarios depicted in the book were extremely helpful and educating.If I took one powerful thing away from this for when it comes to parenting my little gems, it is: Communication, communication, communication.I am very proud to say that I now see, hear, feel, and totally understand my teenager like I never have before. And most importantly, we now have a relationship where, when it comes to her needing support or advice on anything in life, I have become her first port of call!That is all that any parent can hope for! I think every child should come with a copy of this book.lolThank you soooo much Conquering Life Academy!I will be ordering the third book for my daughter this week! ‘Conquering Adolescence – for teeangers’ :)PS” Thanks to you, my positive and internal window is now permanently wide open! 😉

  2. Amazon Customer

    Absolute gem of a book.I am learning soooo much about what influences I have had/am having on my children. It is an eye opener in deed!As parents, with all the everyday stresses of life, sometimes we forget the HUGE role we play in shaping the minds and hearts of our young lovelies…The key is not to feel downtrodden and hopeless when one realises their mistakes and failings, but to feel empowered by the new insight and knowledge and to become much better parents and people in general, and this book goes a long way in supporting you on your way in a non-judgemental way.Love, love, love the illustrations and scenarios depicted. I can’t tell you the number of laughs we’ve all had as a family going through them and recognising all our mistakes in the past.Well done ‘conquering life academy’, I will be highly recommending this book/manual to any parent of any age, and especially to all those who are about to become parents. A great tool in your box forever!

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