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We understand the pressures we are all under as parents these days, and the personal sacrifices we make in our hyper-busy lives, maintaining a supportive, engaged and fruitful relationship with our children can sometimes be difficult. In the same breath, this important relationship is vital in order to help us create a better environment and growth for them, both at home and in school.

From the very first moment of our children’s lives, we as parents exert enormous influence over their development. We talk and read to them, we explain and demonstrate things to them, we try to foster beliefs and values in them.

These however, are not the only influences in our children’s lives. As they grow up and enter the education system, there are endless avenues of influence and pressure that await them.



Therefore, it is vitally important that we give our children a good start in life and provide them with enough grounding, a solid psychological foundation that ensures emotional awareness and mental resilience, in order for them to stand fast in the face of all the challenges that they will meet on their way to adulthood.

As parents, our role is to help our children develop an interface with the world that eventually prepares them for complete independence. However, when it comes to parenting, which we understand is the most crucial job of all, there is no ‘manual’ and no depth of training.


Yes, there is plenty of advice and anecdotal stories that seem to surf the web, and there are friends who readily tell us what’s best to do and not to do of course!

But there are no classes offered on essential parenting and how to deal with children effectively.

In reality, what happens is that we listen, watch and usually revert back to what we witnessed our parents do as we were growing up, and they in turn did so, just as their parents did before them…

However we know, just too well from looking at history alone, that just because something has been done a particular way for centuries, doesn’t mean that it is necessarily correct, even if it may have been so at the time.

Times and needs do change indeed, and constantly...


In a rapidly changing world, where parenting seems subject to fads and changing styles, according to many, parenting has become quite easily the most confusing and potentially the most stressful affair that we can go through in our lives.

As parents we dream of having our children grow up into successful, happy and responsible people, and although we only wish the best for our children, ineffective parenting can at times get in the way of achieving this.

Ineffective parenting negatively impacts the lives of our children, therefore it is important for each and every parent to evaluate his or her parenting skills and be fully aware of the effects of such parenting on children.

Although there is no such thing as an all round perfect parent, it is never wrong to try and be the best that we can be.

It is our job as parents to guide our children, mould them into the people they will ultimately become and act as role models for them – we need to be aware of ineffective parenting and the impact it has on the future of our youth.

Our children are the most precious part of our lives, and hence, worthy of the best preparations in making us adept at providing effective parenting.

There are many differences in attitudes and practices when it comes to parenting, many cultural differences and ways, but there are basic realities that apply to us all.

As parents we feel the need to protect, safeguard and guide our children, but as children we begin to feel the need to pull away from our parents, so that we can experiment and find our own way. This can magnify the emotional ‘push and pull’ of teen years for both parents and teens. The years becoming difficult and the path full of potholes…


Our Parents Programme is designed as a six week workshop, held at weekly intervals and each session lasting around 60 minutes.

All relevant literature and a working manual will be provided, and at the end of the course you will be provided with a well-earned certificate of completion in ‘psychological awareness, emotional resilience and effective parenting’.

Our Parents Programme will first begin by teaching you all about self-esteem and confidence – what they mean, where they come from, why we need to have high levels of them and what happens when we don’t.

Next, we will introduce you to the concept of ‘locus of control’ – our sense of power and capability, and give you a deeper understanding of what it means and the role it plays within our lives.

We are also going to work on developing tools that will help you not only find more awareness, but cultivate a more internal locus of control, higher sense of personal power and raise your self esteem.

Once we have learned all of the above, we will learn and master the ‘Windows of Perception Processing Technique’ – an effective technique formulated to effect change in a positive way that ensures the individual is able to filter any negative belief they hold and question its substance, ascertaining whether real or imagined.

This technique is also designed to help individuals process any and all incoming information in an internal and positive way, by interpreting events and experiences as such and in a focused and deliberate way, and this process strengthens connections and creates new neural pathways, as defined by the latest neuroplasticity research and findings.

The ‘Windows of Perception Processing Technique’ makes this achievable by meeting the ten core principles demanded by our brain to rewire our neural pathways and create a shift in any and every negative thought, emotion, perspective, belief and behaviour.

Repetition of this exercise over time will aid the individual in rewiring any established unhelpful neural pathways, creating new ones and more benevolent automatic response modes.

After that, we begin to delve into effective communication skills that will help you and your children come together as one. The importance of our ability to effectively communicate with our children as parents cannot be over-stressed!

“It is when we as humans are heard, seen, felt and understood that we feel safe and secure enough to be at ease and peace; not driven by fear and anxiety based motives; no longer victims of misplaced survival instincts and casualties of isolation. It is indeed through effective communication, that strong, resilient and permanent bonds and relationships are made.” E.F. Omran

Here, you will be gaining vital skills for your effective parenting toolbox in dealing with the following topics:

  • Dealing with thoughts and feelings
  • Dealing with daily feelings of pressure/anxiety
  • Dealing with discipline
  • Fostering resilience
  • The way we talk to each other
  • Dealing with praises
  • Effective communication with friends and family
  • Negotiating where all else fails
  • Dealing with sex, drugs and alcohol

Finally, we conclude with structured daily exercises (for 2 weeks), designed to achieve the following goals for any individual, regardless of age:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved self-image
  • Increased internality
  • Sharpened clarity of perception
  • Increased confidence in one’s ability
  • Improved positive/helpful processing faculties
  • Increased resilience
  • Positive outlook on life instilled
  • Positive and permanent change facilitated

Pay as you go – £60 per session (1 x session in advance).
Pay for full course – £300 (6 x sessions).

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