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We believe that education is the key...

Our new engaging programme is designed for 3 age groups to help provide youths aged 10-12, 12-14, and 14-16, with the right tools and skills, to work on their self-esteem, self-acceptance and emotional resilience – these are psychological tools necessary for navigating through life.

Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to recover in the face of emotional stressors and anxieties. This is an ability that will not only aid them now, but for the rest of their lives.

It is only by teaching the skills which allow them to prepare, protect themselves and recuperate from these stresses that they will be able to grow into healthy and happy teenagers and adults.

Emotional awareness...

The ability to understand your emotions, the ability to listen to others and empathise with their emotions, and the ability to express emotions productively.

To be emotionally literate is to be able to handle emotions in a way that improves your personal power and improves the quality of life around you.

Emotional literacy improves relationships, creates loving possibilities between people, makes co-operative work possible, and facilitates the feeling of community. (Steiner and Perry 1997, p. 11)

Please note:

If you are solely seeking to promote and foster in your child the ability to become financially successful and gain a position of power in society only, then this is not for you.

We can easily refer you to hundreds of such programmes. But, if like us, you value in your child, far more than just economic success, then please continue reading…

We currently have three workshops to choose from:

An extracurricular class that prepares your child for the everyday challenges of school, allows them to be more amiable at home, more engaged in their groups and communities. Our aim is to help develop much needed emotional intelligence, improvements in resilience, self-esteem and confidence in our children and teenagers…

Our One to One programme has been created specifically with the slightly more fragile/shy youngster in mind, designed to effectively boost your child’s confidence levels and raise his/her self-esteem in six weeks. By the end of this programme, we hope to have your child able, ready and eager to join one of our Academies in a group of six…

Our Parents Programme has been devised to provide parents with the knowledge and tools necessary, to foster skills that will help both you and the teen members of your family to communicate clearly and understand each other’s perspectives. This is essential for well founded and connected bonds…

Future Conquering Life Academy Programmes currently in progress:

Ninja Club – for age group 6 – 10 years old

The Pit Stop – for age group 17 – 22 years old

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A psychological and emotional training academy designed to equip children with all the necessary self insights and vital life skills to navigate through adolescence and grow into competent, well grounded and well adjusted thriving young adults.

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