Our Ethos

As an Organisation

We are founded upon the belief that, the pursuit of a joyous, meaningful and enriching life is not only a fundamental human right, but that we should extend that right to all forms of life on this planet. We further believe that a joyous, meaningful and enriching life is achievable through empowerment, support and the fostering of goodwill to all. Our core principle here at Conquering Life Academy, is to expose the full extent of these human rights, including the rights to empowerment, belief, and ambition through the medium of our courses and programmes. All our courses have been constructed on the foundations of proven psychological axioms. While many of these axioms are far from new, what is required is a new ethical approach to the use of these principles in society. In modern, commercial, society psychology has been used as an effective tool to manipulate our thinking, our feelings and emotions, our desires and aspirations . Whether it is TV advertising, Facebook, or high street supermarkets we, as a community, are under siege from psychology-with-an-agenda.

Our Objectives

We firmly believe that it is time for us to seize using psychology as a tool to entice, trap, and manipulate people, and begin to utilise our great knowledge of human psyche to empower, support and nurture individuals. Employed as an aid for gaining clarity, awareness and conviction, we believe our psychology based programmes are the most effective and powerful tool to help not endure life but to conquer it and thrive! As psychological and emotional academy coach’s aspirations are to instill the following in each trainee:

Self-awareness, Emotional clarity, Self-efficacy,            Self-confidence, Resilience, Ambition

Our Aspirations

At Conquering Life Academy, we also strive to effect positive change around the following societal concerns through our various community projects:

Poverty, Homelessness, Inequality, Gender Inequality, Education, Child Abuse, Alcohol and Substance abuse, Violence, Environmental issues…

Our Approach

We see the path to the eradication of such prevalent societal issues as resting within the agency of each individual.

Our Strategy

Our approach to the challenges of modern society focus on the individual, not the system. Why fight the symptom, when you need to address the cause? For us the key to change is predicated upon self-awareness. How can anyone sail a ship when they don’t know how to steer it, we need to know how the sails work before we can attend the helm. Equally how can we change our lives in any specific way if we do not understand ourselves as an autonomous, individual entity first?

Thus our courses look to afford each individual the essential skills of self-awareness first. A symptom of this self-awareness; emotional intelligence and clarity, is another key solution that our courses look to foster. When a person acquires emotional clarity they are able to make informed decisions free of the non-volitional impulses of everyday behaviour. This is also where Conquering Life looks to promote our concept of the ‘Larger-than-life-seat’, a space where an individual may find a perspective of universal advantage to any issue at any point.

Acknowledging the salience of the fact that individuals constitute the collective, it is our firm belief that positive change can be effected in the larger societal issues, including homelessness, inequality and education, through individual empowerment, support and fostering of ethical principles. Our perspective is that when individuals flourish, achieve and conquer their lives, they enrich the lives of all around them. Society starts with, and ends with individual lives.

About Conquering Life Academy

A psychological and emotional training academy designed to equip children with all the necessary self insights and vital life skills to navigate through adolescence and grow into competent, well grounded and well adjusted thriving young adults.

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