The Journey

•  If you like the sound of us, you apply by sending us your details and documents

•  If we like the sound of you, we will invite you for a short, online and face to face interview (unless you are local and are able to come in)

•  If we turn out to be a good match, we will approve you and send you instructions on to how to proceed

•  You then complete a series of steps and get enrolled on our online training course

•  You study our online diploma course and pass

•  We will send you your Diploma Certificate with your title: Psychological and Emotional Coach 

•  You sign our licensing agreement and become a: Licensed Conquering Life Academy Coach 

•  We will provide you with all the information, contacts, links and support you need regarding fulfilling all legal requirements and establishing yourself as an operational Conquering Life Academy Coach

•  After meeting all legal and contractual requirements, you will secure a safe and suitable office/room to accommodate trainees/clients

•  You are then ready to begin your new career as a: Conquering Life Academy Psychological and Emotional Coach!

We are looking for Energetic, Enthusiastic, Growth Minded and compassionate individuals who want to make a real change in the lives of young people

and create a better world and future for us all.

About Conquering Life Academy

A psychological and emotional training academy designed to equip children with all the necessary self insights and vital life skills to navigate through adolescence and grow into competent, well grounded and well adjusted thriving young adults.

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