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Here at Conquering Life, we are a team of psychological and emotional life coaches, delivering a selection of diverse and comprehensive programmes to people of all ages. A Conquering Life Coach promotes the core values of the organisation and strives to help people affect beneficial change in their lives.

We have been progressively concerned with the rising trend of psychological discord in our children’s academic and social environment. Along with the broader societal issues of homelessness, poverty, inequality (to name a few), the sense of helplessness that many Teachers, Educators, and Parents are expressing with regard to child development is threatening to destabilise the foundations of community that support our society.

It has been proven that a community/society that is built upon well connected and well supported individuals does not suffer the afflictions currently rife throughout ours. We have created an advanced and unique psychological training programme to help 10-16 year olds develop a strong psychological foundation. Furthermore, we aspire to cultivate both emotional resilience and high levels of self-esteem, all whilst engaging young teens with their parents, schools and communities. This engagement is distinctly lacking in modern society.

Using techniques based on the latest scientific neuroplasticity research and findings we aim to meet the ten core principles demanded by our brain to rewire our neural pathways and create a shift in any and every negative thought, emotion, perspective, belief and behaviour. This technique forms the backbone our programmes.

We deliver our programmes in 3 different formats:

Ninja Club Workshops for groups of six – programme: 110 x sessions
One to One Workshops – programme: 6 x sessions
Parents Workshops – programme: 6 x sessions

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A psychological and emotional training academy designed to equip children with all the necessary self insights and vital life skills to navigate through adolescence and grow into competent, well grounded and well adjusted thriving young adults.

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