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Here at the Conquering Life Academy, we are psychological and emotional coaches and therapists with many years of hands on experience in working with teenagers/young adults and parents. Over this time we have identified many consistencies and patterns that lay at the heart of the daily frustration experienced by parents, teachers and children routinely…

Our message to

We believe that positive change for individuals and society on mass depends upon both psychological and emotional awareness. Our method of promoting this change, and instilling such awareness, is through a set of unique programmes. Each programme is built around a range of psychological techniques and insights that are designed to foster self-awareness, emotional clarity, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and ambition (to name a few). Through an innovative delivery method, our coaches are trained to nurture and support people of all ages through our programmes to help develop an empowering and resilient psychological foundation.

Our solutions…

Academy Workshops

An extracurricular class that prepares your child for the everyday challenges of school, allows them to be more amiable at home, more engaged in their groups and communities. Our aim is to help develop much needed emotional intelligence, improvements in resilience, self-esteem and confidence in our children and teenagers…

One to One Workshops

Our One to One programme has been created specifically with the slightly more fragile/shy youngster in mind, designed to effectively boost your child’s confidence levels and raise his/her self-esteem in six weeks. By the end of this programme, we hope to have your child able, ready and eager to join one of our Academies in a group of six…

Parents Workshops

Our Parents Programme has been devised to provide parents with the knowledge and tools necessary, to foster skills that will help both you and the teen members of your family to communicate clearly and understand each other’s perspectives. This is essential for well founded and connected bonds…

Our comprehensive training programmes will:

Effectively fill any existing gap in our educational methods/system

Address some of the key issues raised, that are impeding our growth as individuals and the society as a whole

Help transform our young children into confident and resilient innovators, pioneers, founders, architects and leaders of tomorrow

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Here you will find details of your  nearest Conquering Life Academy, location and contact details for all our coaches…

Please Note:

If you are solely seeking to promote and foster in your child the ability to become financially successful and gain a position of power in society only, then this is not for you. We can easily refer you to hundreds of such programmes. But, if like us, you value in your child, far more than just economic success, then please continue.

Become a Conquering Life Academy Coach

Interested in psychology, social care, mental health, promoting well-being, working with children? Then why not become a coach and part of our unique and vibrant community?

Join us for the perfect combination of Training, Support and Opportunity…

Message from the Director

“We believe that psychology is the key to our salvation…”

For far too long has psychology been used as an effective tool to manipulate our thinking, our feelings and emotions, our desires and aspirations and this has inevitably lead to the current state of our lives as a result.

It is now vital that we utilise our advances in the field of psychology and neuroplasticity to aid in creating positive and effective change, and to help alleviate human suffering.

Empowering, supporting and fostering goodwill to all humankind, promoting respect for human rights, and extending those rights to all forms of life on this planet, is our core purpose and what defines us, as an organisation. To achieve this we are reshaping the way that psychology is utilised in everyday life.
In modern, commercial, society psychology has been used as an effective tool to manipulate our thinking, our feelings and emotions, our desires and aspirations . Whether it is TV advertising, Facebook, or high street supermarkets we, as a community, are under siege from psychology-with-an-agenda.
We believe that it is time for psychology to stop being used to entice, trap, and enforce and start being used to empower, support and thrive. Employed as an aid for gaining clarity, awareness and conviction we believe our psychology based programmes are the most effective and powerful tool to help not endure life but to conquer it!

As membership bodies, we are committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice in coaching, mentoring and supervision, a field that is becoming increasingly professionalised. All our members, in their roles as coaches, mentors, supervisors, trainers and/or students, as part of their continuing membership, agree to adhere to the elements and principles of this Code of Ethics.
The Code aligns with the content and requirements set out in the Professional Charter for Coaching and Mentoring. The Charter, drafted in accordance with European law, is registered on the dedicated European Union database, which lists self-regulation initiatives in Europe.

We promote and engage in various community projects based on academy group interests and…

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